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Airvolve Odour Gone Mini Humidifier Kit


Our mini home humidifiers diffuse Airvolve’s Odour Gone concentrate and all its natural, odour-eliminating benefits. The USB-powered humidifier is easy to use, moveable and understated, with light wooden tones and soft LED lighting, diffusing fresh vibes and natural fragrance in your home.

Kit includes 100ml concentrate of Airvolve’s Odour Gone formula with a USB-powered humidifier.

Combining natural fragrance and freshness, Airvolve’s Odour Gone formula is currently available in aqua blue, lavender, hazelnut & coffee, frangipani, and citronella blends.

Aqua Blue

Featuring calm aquatic notes that are refreshing, sharp and masculine. A fresh, clean and crisp fragrance.


The smell of summer and fragrant floral blooms. Light and refreshing, there’s nothing quite like frangipani flowers in blossom.

Coffee & Hazelnut

Wake up and smell the coffee – bound to give you a boost at any time of day! Hints of hazelnut also help to give it a sweet, nutty note.


Relaxing and calming, lavender helps with rejuvenation. Its soothing fragrance also helps alleviate stress.


This fresh, lemony scent is not only great for setting the summer mood, but also has the added benefit of being a natural insect repellent.


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Airvolve’s mini humidifier is specially designed to gently disperse the Odour Gone formula into the air using ultrasonic vibrations, activating the blend of natural odour-eliminators and essential oils for a fresh, subtle fragrance.

Other features include:

  • Humidifies air and keeps your skin hydrated
  • Enhances air quality by eliminating dust and odour particles
  • Mini portable size with USB power cord (not wireless)
  • Colour-changing LED lights
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with anti-slip rubber pad
  • Best suitable for areas less than 10m2
  • The mini humidifier will shut off after two hours
  • If run continuously, a full tank with two capfuls of concentrate will last up to six hours
  • Dimensions: 95mm high x 100mm wide

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